42nd Annual Ozark Arts & Crafts Show

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GFWC Utopia Club of Ozark, Inc.

2014 - 2015 Officers

President             Linda Carter
Vice-President    Kay Johnson
Secretary            Carole Hernandez
Treasurer            Sandy McKee

The Ozark Utopia Club was organized in 1953 by the late Mrs. John F. Boye.  There were 20 charter members, two of which are still active today.
The name “Utopia” was chosen because it meant “to go high.”  The charter group set high standards and high goals that are still adhered to today.  Our club vows duty to the State of Missouri and the United States of America and support for both their constitutions.  To keep our focus in the community, we limit our membership to 20 and meet in the homes of our members.
The Utopia Club has raised money through various means over the years, and in 1974 they began to help the Ozark Chamber of Commerce with the Annual Ozark Arts and Crafts Show.  Since that time, the club has assumed complete control over the show and at present, it is our only fund-raiser.  We’re proud to say the show attracts over 250 vendors and thousands of visitors from many states.
The purpose of our efforts, of course, is to allow us to extend charitable contributions to the community.  Our donations help children and families in times of need or crisis.
The Ozark Utopia Club is affiliated with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs and maintains a not-for-profit status.

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